Software Testing Process and Strategy Consulting

Establishing the right software testing processes is critical for any organization that wants to improve quality, reduce time-to-market, and manage costs. Through our consulting and customized solutions, Packets helps organizations achieve their quality goals by partnering with them to develop an effective software testing strategy.

Let our expertise become yours

As our partner, you will benefit from our years of experience in practicing, researching, and transferring knowledge in software quality assurance. Our consultants can assist your organization in optimizing testing efficiency with the latest QA tools and methodologies consistent with the best industry practices.

Global Test Automation Packets Global Test Automation integrates the latest test automation technologies and offshore testing strategies into a comprehensive solution that fully capitalizes on the speed and cost advantages of both automation and global outsourcing. Read on...

Strategic Software Testing Consulting We began our strategy & process consulting practice out of requests to apply our experience and knowledge in the business of software development. Whether you're forming a new testing organization, improving upon a pre-existing one or simply wanting to benefit from the latest approaches and techniques, we can coach you on a per-project or on-going basis. Read on...

Action-Based Testing™ Automation Frameworks Action Based Testing provides a framework upon which to improve your entire test organization for better, faster and more cost-effective software quality testing. At its core is the keyword-based test automation methodology that has proven successful in many industries around the world. Read on...

Strategic & Process Consulting

Quality and testing objectives must align with business objectives while maximizing return on testing investment. These goals can range from greater customer satisfaction or more predictable release dates to higher quality software. We will help you refine your objectives, align them with business vision, and help your organization to maximize test efficiency with the latest, most effective tools and methodologies, including building or optimizing a test automation program. Streamlining testing and quality processes is essential to compete in today's global marketplace.

In the past few years, Packets has become increasingly involved with helping organizations optimally blend their domestic testing resources with offshore solutions. You might be ...
  • Re-thinking or re-architecting your test and quality engineering program
  • Assessing your current test and quality engineering state-of-the-practice
  • Looking for training for your staff
  • Forming a group for the first time
  • Expanding your pre-existing quality engineering organization
  • Deploying a new project utilizing the latest technologies
  • Improving your existing test methods and techniques
  • Looking to standardize or formalize the test process
  • Adding, increasing or optimizing your test automation program
  • Augmenting your test resources by outsourcing domestically or offshore
  • Troubleshooting a test or quality engineering problem
Solutions can include...
  • Establishing quality objectives
  • Formulating the product development life cycle, release and testing processes
  • Building correct infrastructure or optimizing current test resources
  • Establishing the most effective balance of onshore/offshore testing
  • Maximizing offshore resources
  • Establishing a metrics program to gauge product stability and process efficiency
  • Fixing quality process problems
  • Establishing proper team sizing and project estimation.
  • Assessing automation program possibilities
  • Designing and deploying Web-based problem tracking and management process
  • Streamlining guidelines for project planning, test plans, test reports, and other test related documentation
  • Building an end-to-end quality strategy
  • Developing new product-specific or technology-specific test methodologies
  • Maximizing test automation return on investment
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