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Packet-one offers a wide range of customized solutions that will support your business solutions.

P-ONE InvoGenie

InvoGenie is built for small business owners to get organized and get paid. You will spend less time billing, and more time getting down to bsuiness. You can track time at your desk, Get paid faster with online payments, Import and capture expenses with ease, Support multiple current, multiple countries.

Online Invoicing, Expense Tracking, Time Tracking and Accounting Reports & Taxes (2015 release)
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P-ONE InfoLoader-M

Companies are recognizing that in order to succeed in today's global marketplace, they need to have an accurate comprehension of customer, supplier, and trading partner relationships. In the absence of this understanding, huge investments in enterprise CRM, ERP, and other "mission critical" solutions often become an exercise in futility.

When approached from the incorrect perspective, data integration often becomes a cascading set of missed deliverables, spiraling costs, and loss of competitive advantage. When executed with caution, data integration extends organizations competitive advantage through comprehensive views of customer and supplier relations.
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P-ONE SAP Solution Synthesizer

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is supplementing to revolutionize the finance industry, which is increasingly becoming technology savvy in an attempt to gain a competitive edge. Credit managers, controllers, treasurers, auditors and finance executives are understanding the gains of Web-based EDI activities and their role in facilitating commercial transactions, minimizing cost and streamlining procedures.

In the current top class technological age, banks, retailers and companies across the world are exploring ways to plan, implement and manage Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in today's marketplace need an "EDI connection" in order to keep pace with daily transaction processing and communications.
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P-ONE pTrack Tool

The real-time enterprise or zero-latency concept goes under many names. These include just-in-time computing and straight-through processing. Distributed object technology, business process reengineering, enterprise resource planning, and supply chain management systems, to some extent or another, all share some tie-in with the real-time enterprise. Going a step further, comparable financial information and knowledge and, in turn, appropriate KPIs and financial ratios can be developed.

The intended objective of these analyses by company financial managers is to determine whether or not the company is improving its financial stature.

Of equal significance is the fact that financial information and knowledge discloses whether or not company managers are really managing effectively over the shorter term. Generally, this type of “at a glance” multidimensional analysis permits managers to start their thinking processes quickly.

KPIs and financial ratios over a longer time frame may indicate changing patterns and emerging trends that need to be examined by top management and their corporate planning staff.

The analysis may indicate the need for problem detecting to get the company back on track. In addition, the analysis may indicate the urgency of the company managers to change their financial understanding as now constituted to a more global perspective that includes the emerging nations of the world. From this view of changing world intelligence, it may be necessary for a company’s top management and their staff to go back and ask questions about the company’s critical success factors (CSFs).

Although current CSFs are the guiding force for top management, this may not be the case for tomorrow.

Hence, financial results may indicate a change is necessary in the overall direction for a company that includes changing its CSFs.

pTrack leads you through every step in the project lifecycle. It guides you through issues, risk management and testing.
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P-ONE cTrack Tool

P-ONE ’s Professional Services Automation Tool designed specifically for consulting practices.

A robust workforce management solution for corporate and staffing customers encompasses staffing, new employee onboard effectives, and employee performance and compensation management applications. These products enable companies to attract, hire, develop and retain top talent, leading to significant cost reduction and increased productivity levels.
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P-ONE xTrack Tool

P-ONE uses it to verify consultant skill sets quickly and efficiently.

A time tested automated testing is now an integral part of the software product development cycle. This eliminates product quality and meeting customer’s expectations. Developments centers have used the various commercially availed tools to leverage on the apparent benefits. However it is important that the choice of the software tool is suitable to meet the demands and its cost effective.
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