P-ONE InfoLoader-M

With packet-one, you get customized solutions that transform your business.
Companies are recognizing that in order to succeed in today's global marketplace, they need to have an accurate comprehension of customer, supplier, and trading partner relationships. In the absence of this understanding, huge investments in enterprise CRM, ERP, and other "mission critical" solutions often become an exercise in futility.
When approached from the incorrect perspective, data integration often becomes a cascading set of missed deliverables, spiraling costs, and loss of competitive advantage. When executed with caution, data integration extends organizations competitive advantage through comprehensive views of customer and supplier relations.

With the incredible quantum of white noise in the marketplace, avoiding "analysis paralysis" is arduous -but imperative. Companies traditionally deal with this issue by drafting elaborate requirement documents explaining the desired functionality. These include sets of decision making criteria, which make it possible to compare numerous products across potentially hundreds of features and functions. The decision-making process becomes systematic, rational, and simple to execute-as well as time-consuming

Business & Technical Highlights

The P- One Infoloader- M TM robust software solutions offer different blends of execution options, each of which support different demands:
  • Standalone execution permits you design and interface with the processes interactively.
  • Remote execution offers process control and review over a network, and integration with distributed environments.
  • With scheduled execution, data integration processes can operate without intervention.
  • Command-line execution allows you integrate your processes with batch scripts and other languages or applications.
  • Finally, web services support real-time data integration
Packet one has established new off shore development centers at Chennai and Trichy in India. The new facilities will support a majority of the planned ventures in the near future.