About packet-one

With packet-one, you get customized solutions that transform your business.

Centered on Clients for More Than 21 Years

Since 1989, packet-one has provided business and IT services that help organizations excel.  Today, we specialize in enabling transformation of clients’ IT and business functions.   And throughout our history, we’ve kept our focus on you, the client. 

How do we do it?  We make it our business to understand your business – its goals, challenges, industry dynamics, and critical moving parts.  We combine that knowledge with a comprehensive palette of business, IT, and outsourcing services that we custom mix – along with our vertical expertise, technical know-how, and proven ability to facilitate change – to create exactly the right solution for your organization.  Our promise: to enable swift, dramatic transformation of the critical business and IT functions that make your organization tick – transformation that delivers measurable and lasting improvements in performance, productivity, quality, and cost. 

And when it comes to solutions delivery, packet-one can’t be beat.  We put the best interests of your organization first to create flexible global solutions that prioritize onsite relationship management, while providing the cost and competitive benefits of global sourcing.  Add to this packet-one’s unparalleled expertise in program management and you’re sure to get the results you want, the value you need, and a level of service that you won’t find anywhere else.

Distinctive Capabilities, Designed Around You

Clients come first
You can call it a cliché, but it’s the only way we know how to do business.  packet-one builds enduring partnerships that are based on trust and sustained by integrity and mutual respect.  We commit wholeheartedly, becoming one with your team and your company.  Our people, processes, and methodologies flex to your needs and requirements, so you can more easily incorporate and operationalize change, and your organization can reap the benefits of peak performance from its business and IT functions.  In short, your goals become ours – and we won’t let you fail. 

Results in rapid timeframes
We understand that serving our clients means delivering results.  We want you to succeed at making meaningful, long-term changes in your organization.  But we also know you need to see results quickly.  So we help you break down your transformation strategy into small, high-impact phases that are driven by business requirements and can be implemented stepping-stone style.  This “quick-win” approach produces dramatic results in record time.  It also provides you with the momentum and organizational support you need to continue your transformation journey.

Flexibility where and when you need it
From our size and philosophy to our methodologies and global delivery model, packet-one is a truly nimble organization.  We won’t lock you into a “one size fits all” solution.  Rather, we call upon our flexible methodologies and integrated global resources to custom design solutions that are right for you and only you. 

Partnerships that work for you.
We don’t pretend to do it all, so we partner with other leading service providers and technology vendors to bring you the most comprehensive and innovative solutions available.  packet-one’s heritage as a program management leader makes us uniquely able to manage complex global engagements and their network of partners – seamlessly.  We establish and manage governance models and serve as a single point of accountability for clients so they know who to turn to for project updates and insights – regardless of where work is being done or by whom.

Discipline makes a difference.
Program management, risk mitigation, and governance are critical to the success of your transformation efforts – and fundamental to packet-one’s solutions approach.  Grounded in 42 years of experience, packet-one’s rock-solid methodologies, tightly managed processes, and time-tested best practices ensure that we can quickly deliver results time and again.