CEO Mission


To be a successful company, we need to compete in the relationship dimension - not as an alternative to competitive services or product development companies - but as a true differentiator. Packets services render, long-term advantage, as they are, in every sense different from its competitors. And we enjoy an enduring relationship with the customers since Packets 'feel' an edge based on how customers think about the company all the time. My vision is to have a company with excellent financial fundamentals, international operations, and a well-defined business model. It should be dynamic and highly adaptable as world market conditions evolve and change. On this, we set out to develop cost-effective, affordable solutions to the niches. And we have succeeded. I'm excited about this company, the products and services it has to offer, and I think anyone that looks at us will agree: we have the best value for the money. Packet One's services and products work - out of the box, they do the job, they're user friendly, they're cutting edge, and they are affordable.

At Packets every individual counts. The role and contribution of every Frontian is acknowledged. We have got our own beliefs, values and codes of practice that are highly nurtured inside the company. Leadership, integrity, passion, innovation, transnational teamwork, and customer success are the elements of our business, of our people, and of our success.

I look forward to creating highly innovative technologies contributing to the growth of the whole IT industry. Thank you one and all on behalf of Packet One, the Packets Family.

Mr. Gladstone

Chief Executive Officer