Packet One - Vision & Mission

With packet-one, you get customized solutions that transform your business.

Centered on Clients for More Than 21 Years

Packets values manifest in everything it does. The company’s global vision, strategies, and values form the priorities in making decisions, developing opportunities and building relationships with clients. Packets values are its guiding principles, which inspire and support it in its daily work to achieve the best solutions for its people and the customers.

The Specialty of Packets is in providing solutions to the niches. Whether a company needs complete end-to-end enterprise software solution or a specific application, Packets delivers it. Packets commenced its operations in 2000, with headquarters in Michigan, USA. Now with a client base in 5 countries, across 4 continents and with its wide-ranging services across various industries, Packets is in the forefront of software development.

Packets Vision:

To be recognized as a global IT services provider for the niche markets.

Packets Mission:

To leverage the technological advancements and innovate services methodologies in providing complete solutions to the niche markets.

Core Values

  • Openness
  • Flexibility
  • Customer Focus
  • Team work
  • Continuous Learning