Company Overview

With packet-one, you get customized solutions that transform your business.

Centered on Clients for More Than 21 Years

Packet One Technolgy Group, Packet One LLC (Packets) is a global provider of comprehensive software and hardware solutions through an appropriate combination of products and multi-dimensional IT services. Packet's expertise extends across a range of technologies encompassing Application Development, Application Management, SAP Solutions, Consulting and Staff Augmentation, Quality Assurance and Testing, eBusiness Solutions, Onsite Consulting, Industry Solutions, Desk Top Publishing, Documentation and Technical Writings, Technology Build Up, The Skill Set, Training Programs, Migration Services, Support and Maintenance Services.

The Specialty of Packets is in providing solutions to the niches. Whether a company needs complete end-to-end enterprise software solution or a specific application, Packets delivers it. Packets commenced its operations in 2000, with headquarters in Michigan, USA. Now with a client base in 5 countries, across 4 continents and with its wide-ranging services across various industries, Packets is in the forefront of software development.

Packets has a solid history of providing quality services and products on time and on budget to its clients world-wide. The company has been involved in the development of some very large mission-critical projects and thus makes its presence in the global market. Packets global offshore model provides substantial cost savings for its clients enabling them to access various software competencies. Packets has a strong cadre of experienced professionals to help execute quality services.

Packets driving force has been its people, who exhibit quality, rigor, speed, experience and expertise in all their projects. With strict consistent product development methodology, Packets boasts years of experience and good will of its clients.

How do we do it?  We make it our business to understand your business – its goals, challenges, industry dynamics, and critical moving parts.  We combine that knowledge with a comprehensive palette of business, IT, and outsourcing services that we custom mix – along with our vertical expertise, technical know-how, and proven ability to facilitate change – to create exactly the right solution for your organization.  Our promise: to enable swift, dramatic transformation of the critical business and IT functions that make your organization tick – transformation that delivers measurable and lasting improvements in performance, productivity, quality, and cost. 

And when it comes to solutions delivery, packet-one can’t be beat.  We put the best interests of your organization first to create flexible global solutions that prioritize onsite relationship management, while providing the cost and competitive benefits of global sourcing.  Add to this packet-one’s unparalleled expertise in program management and you’re sure to get the results you want, the value you need, and a level of service that you won’t find anywhere else.

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