P-ONE cTrack Tool

How do you manage enterprise-wide projects?

A robust workforce management solution for corporate and staffing customers encompasses staffing, new employee onboard effectives, and employee performance and compensation management applications.

These products enable companies to attract, hire, develop and retain top talent, leading to significant cost reduction and increased productivity levels.

Business & Technical Highlights

P-ONE cTrack Tool TM extends recruitment management services and solutions
  • Capability to deliver solutions to enterprise customers seeking to source, attract, hire and redeployment.
  • Manage both permanent employees outsource workers, by integrating all sources of talent onto one platform.
  • Workforce Project. Proprietary enhancement that allows organizations to forecast associated costs of one project, including project teams, and assess if it is best to hire permanent or non-permanent workers.
  • Financial forecasting assessment Toolkit.
  • It provides two-phase visibility and control over all recruitment spending, as well as the tracking and reporting of processes configured to an organization's unique demands.
  • The tool extends enhanced user interface.
  • It builds upon existing functionality by providing capabilities to store employee and other evaluations in a central location. Staffing managers gain one-click access to complete data on skills and strengths and weaknesses, permitting companies to ensure that the best workers and staffing firms are chosen, and sub-par performers aren't rehired for another group.
The new facility incorporates all the top-notch facilities that compliment all its future developments.