P-ONE SAP Solution Synthesizer

With packet-one, you get customized solutions that transform your business.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is supplementing to revolutionize the finance industry, which is increasingly becoming technology savvy in an attempt to gain a competitive edge. Credit managers, controllers, treasurers, auditors and finance executives are understanding the gains of Web-based EDI activities and their role in facilitating commercial transactions, minimizing cost and streamlining procedures.

In the current top class technological age, banks, retailers and companies across the world are exploring ways to plan, implement and manage Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in today's marketplace need an "EDI connection" in order to keep pace with daily transaction processing and communications.

Business & Technical Highlights

  • P-ONE SAP Solution synthesizer TM leverages the impact of EDI.
  • Web-based EDI activities can help financial managers a distinct advantage over the competition.
  • The salient feature supports ACH payments to be transacted attempting to "do more with less" or to become "paperless".
  • Although implementation could be a lengthy and tedious process in some instances, the results and benefits will allow finance professionals to focus on core business, cost mitigation, risk management and the art of streamlining.
  • It can also help improve the overall collection and applications of accounts receivable to help your operation to become more efficient and strategize its efforts toward the global arena of electronic commerce.