P-ONE XTrack Tool

Online testing module

A time tested automated testing is now an integral part of the software product development cycle.

This eliminates product quality and meeting customer’s expectations.

Developments centers have used the various commercially availed tools to leverage on the apparent benefits.

However it is important that the choice of the software tool is suitable to meet the demands and its cost effective.

Business & Technical Highlights

P-ONE XTrack Tool TM extends the right mix of benefit and cost savings to its users.

Some of the tangible benefits it can offer are :
  • Automates and replicates database testing cycles
  • Forestalls incorrectly stored data, failed queries, and wrong query responses
  • Prototypes queries and automatically creates SQL
  • Furnishes easy reporting and sharing
  • Ascertains application-database interaction
  • Inhibits database design issues
  • Prevents data integrity concerns
  • Enforces database naming norms
  • Prevents unexpected structural alterations
  • Performs load testing and performance standards
  • Performs regression testing and control
  • Compatibility with selected relational databases