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Packets Test Cycle In software development, validation and verification take up 40 per cent of the effort, time and resources. Testing, as a major component of these activities, must ensure quality and cost-effectiveness to provide a good return on investment over the long term. The quality of testing can be improved by adopting a systematic testing approach, whereas cost-effectiveness can be improved by test automation and by using offshore services.

It's not only about sales online but can also be such a resource in terms of managing projects, stock analysis and staff co-ordination. The majority of companies still transact in a very traditional manner, which involves lots of paperwork, and is expensive (both in people and direct costs such as envelopes and stamps). With Packets’ e-Business Solutions, these traditional processes can be replaced without investing in expensive or complex technologies, enabling business to achieve the dual benefits of reduced costs and improved transaction speeds.

Packets’ testing services encompass test strategy design, test plan, test scenario, test case creation, test bed design and the regular activity of test execution, test replication and bug tracking & resolution. The testing includes module, integration and system. Packets’ Automation Services encompass automation strategy creation, automation framework design & development, the design, development & testing of the automation scripts. Another key activity is the design, development and maintenance of in-house tools that aid in testing.

Automated testing is a strategic step today and is gaining a lot of focus in the product development world. Automation reduces the testing cycle times while enhancing the quality of testing. This further enables the test staff to focus on deeper aspects of testing. We work closely with our customers to determine their exact software quality testing goals and challenges, then design unique solutions based on our

Unique Software Quality Testing Solutions
We welcome the opportunity to apply our one-of-kind approach to your one-of-a-kind situation. Whether your team is looking for

Packets has the people, technology, and methods to help you double your test coverage, decrease testing time, improve product quality, and cut costs!

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