Embedded Solutions

Packets combines unsurpassed experience in embedded systems with unparalleled expertise in software and hardware platforms. The market for embedded systems is growing at a frantic pace. Packets develops enables and supplies real time embedded applications, drivers, and middleware and operating system technology for the bespoke embedded marketplace. Packets brings the wealth of its embedded systems experience to the challenge of giving technically competent solutions.

Packets offers wide range of value-added services in the automotive, consumer and data communication market segment. Packets services wrap the whole software and hardware life cycle from product design, embedded software to production. The solutions at Packets have reached the client with proven methodologies and utmost quality. Packets’ services for the embedded market have given its clients major advantages in terms of quality and cost.

All solutions at Packets are executed in a phased-manner throughout the life cycle with high-quality standards. Packets expertise with various technologies is capable of handling wide types of issues in various streams and also delivers cost-effective, efficient and robust solutions at the specified time frame.

Packets Approach

Service Offering

Packets has expert consultants who develop the prototypes prior to the transfer of the solution. This helps the client in having a real-time knowledge about the solution and helps in viewing the functionalities without high investments. Packets delivers the prototypes at an affordable cost and at the right time. Through this service Packets demonstrates to the client what’s actually feasible with existing technology, and where the technical weak spots still exist. Prototyping helps in improving communication; requirements instability and managing frequent changes.

Three Stages of Prototyping at Packet One:
Embedded or PC software design
Packets is capable of developing technology rich software using cutting edge technology and methodology. Packets’ consultants have developed low-level device drivers to high-level application.
The software design team at Packets specializes in the development of
  • Real time embedded software Systems
  • Linux / Windows application/driver development
  • Middleware
  • Protocol stack design
  • Board support packages and device drivers
  • OS Porting & Customization
Packets’ Embedded software development includes
  • Device Drivers Development
  • Protocol Stacks Development
  • BSP / Firmware Development
  • Operating System Porting
  • Middleware Development
  • J2ME Applications Development
  • Net Application development
  • C, C++ Applications development
Electronic system Design
Packets has expertise in designing robust and flexible electronic systems. The team has experience in designing DVB-T systems; video /audio capture products for PCs, vehicle-tracking system, Chip evaluation boards, interfaces for PDA, and several other electronic systems for leading the client’s Business

Electronic system design includes
  • System architecture
  • Complete hardware and software design
  • Technical trade-off analysis
  • Schematic and bill of material generation
  • Component engineering
  • Supply chain management for prototypes and low volumes
  • Product Performance Analysis
  • Compliance and regulatory management
Design validation testing
Packets executes Design validation testing in order to deliver flawless designs with the required functionalities.

Design validation testing includes
  • Product functionality
  • Product stability testing
  • Mechanical stress including shock, drop and vibration
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Accelerated life
  • Power dissipation and thermal testing
  • Environmental testing including dust, salt spray, and water immersion
Production testing
OFProduction testing is a verification process utilized in the product assembly to measure production line correctness and efficiency. This helps Packets in validating the piece of manufactured product functions before delivering to the client. It is not intended to be a test for the full functionality of the device or product line, but a test for correct composition of device's components.
Compliance and Regulatory testing
Packets’ embedded team provides customers with flexible global regulatory and compliance test execution services. Packets analyzes the particular service -related requirements early in the process and helps clients to reduce compliance- related costs and risk and speed up the time-to-market. First, Packets identifies the required regulatory agencies and timeframes provided to perform all the required compliance and regulatory testing, submit results to clients and support the process for certification.


Consumer Electronics and Personal Computer

Packets offer the following design services
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Players & Recorders
  • Video & Audio Devices
  • Security Devices
  • Analog & Digital Television
  • Personal multimedia devices
  • PCI, PCI Express Cards
  • Universal Serial Bus devices
  • IEEE 1394 devices
  • Serial & parallel port devices
  • ATA /ATAPI / SATA devices
  • Mother Boards, Daughter Boards
Packets offer the following design services
  • Tracking Systems
  • Infotainment Systems
  • Safety systems
  • Engine Control Systems
Data Communication

Packets offer the following design services
  • Ethernet Devices
  • WLAN
  • Bluetooth
  • Infra Red
  • GPS


A leading service provider in the embedded systems market, Packets has got a well-equipped embedded unit. The infrastructure includes design tools for embedded hardware and software. Packets does Mechanical enclosure design through partner organizations. The company has in house development and testing lab. Also, there are partner labs where Packets does emission testing, compliance and reliability testing.

The customer oriented embedded infrastructure at Packets helps the clients to achieve their organizational goals. Its dedicated centers of excellence comprise domain and technology experts who develop industry specific solutions. The embedded instruments and design tools at Packets include:

  • Tektronics Oscilloscope,
  • Tektronics Logic Analyzer
  • Tektronics Current Probe
  • Tektronics Active Probes
  • Agilent Frequency counter
  • Fluke Multi meter
  • Hakko Soldering and De-Soldering Station
  • - DVB-T/H Generators
  • - Hot Air Guns
  • - Microscope
  • Temperature meters
  • Design Tools
  • Cadence Orcad
  • Cadence Allegro
  • Visual Studio
  • Linux Tools
  • ARM Real View Developer Suite


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