SAP Solutions

Every client's situation is unique with different business needs and systems. Packets understands the intricacies of the particular organization and its business processes. Packets specializes in maximizing the client’s IT investments with intelligent, targeted modifications to produce customer-specific solutions.

Packets brings special integration expertise to joint ERP & CRM implementations to create a single corporate view of the business and the customers. Packets SAP team combines wealth of experience in Functional consultants, Techno functional consultants, BASIS and Technical Consultants.

Our SAP Service Model Provides Solutions to the following:

CFM - Corporate Financial Management

Packets reduces the time its client spends on maintaining application and focus on new IT functionality and improvements to the IT organization. Packets helps to achieve this by its 4-phased approach to Application Maintenance.
  • Deals with the corporate in a bigger way
  • Helps optimizing the costs and ramping up the revenues with seamless integration of its cash and short term securities arena.

The major areas are:

IHC - In house Cash- deals with ( reducing the costs for managing banking relationships, consolidating Banking relationships, Aggregating sanctions by business units or regions, lower inter- company payments)- Manages Payment transactions at a regional and global level / reduces the number of external bank accounts / Reduces cross- border payment traffic/ Automates and standardizes the business processes/Concentrated currency exposure/No value date losses/ substantial cost savings.

Portfolio Analyzer

Transaction Manager – TM (Deals with issues related to Money markets/Securities/Derivatives/Other Money market instruments /Mortgage loans /Reverse Mortgage loans /General loans/ Primary/ Secondry Securities/Forex) etc- to optimize yields and cost structures./Flexible reporting and Portfolio analysis/ Structuing financial transactions / Assignment of financial transactions to portfolios or management in securities accounts.

CRA - Credit Risk Analyzer – (Deals with issues in connection with credit risk issues including the type of CRs and its area of impact / periods timing and the instruments used in handling them like derivatives /hedge funds etc)

MRA - Market Risk Analyzer (Deals with issues in connection with market risk- types – how its documented in the system- in US – we have this SOX (Sarbanes Oxley Act ) deals with the way the major concerns are to operate and in case of banks we have th BASEL II.) – for analyzing the interest rates, currency and stock risks.


Treasury (deals with short term and medium term money markets)

  • Deals to manage investments in securities and deposits/ Gain oversight of deals and cash position/ Manage interest rate risk and currency exposure/ Control and limit market risks
  • EBS- Electronic Bank statement – uploading
  • Lockbox issues ( more prevalent in US)
  • Cash Management issues . ( Managing the cash flow and forecast of liquidity for the concern as a whole, reconcile payments with bank accounts)

SAP - Systems Application and Database

  • Basically for integration of operations of an enterprise.
  • And optimizing the revenues in all critical areas.

SAP - Finance (FI)

IN FI- this module is basically for external reporting purposes for auditors .The output in the FI is basically the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts.

The major heading dealt in FI are:
  • Basic configuration
  • COA ( Chart of Accounts ) & GL
  • Accounts payable ( Transactions dealing with Vendors & its operations including payment to them)
  • Accounts Receivable ( Transactions dealing with Customers & its operations including receivable from them and follow up in case of default)
  • Banking configuration ( House Bank
  • )
  • Asset Management ( Transactions dealing with the asset acquired/transferred/ written off in the books of the company)
  • Travel Management ( Transactions dealing with travel related expenses).

SAP - Controlling

Controlling (Basically for inward reporting ..where the cost occurs..where the profit occurs etc..what costs involve etc)
  • Controlling area/Operating concern
  • Cost elements (Details of the different costs involved )
  • Cost Centers (Cost involved and the areas where it is getting stored)
  • Product costing (How the BOM- Bill of Material & various other inventories etc are priced )
  • Profit center accounting (Details of various Profit centers in an org))
  • Profitability analysis (COPA) – Analyzing the Profitability in various segments wise viz region wise, product wise, territory wise etc.


Systems Application and Products engineers at Packets have proven expertise in delivering offshore SAP services. All SAP engineers are trained professionally on SAP platforms and several are SAP certified professionals. This includes Documentation Developers who provide high-quality documentation of all engineering works. Our team leaders have onsite work experience with U.S.-based SAP implementations. We also staff trained application specialists in SAP MM and SD modules that perform the management and quality assurance function.

Our team is familiar with co-development models - multiple programmers working from multiple sites. A Transport Organizer is used to track various changes of the projects. Division of tasks is achieved in multiple ways. Our specialists work with each customer s SAP team to determine the most efficient and secure method of implementing the changes while ensuring system consistency. Packets follows industry Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) development standards and best practices that have earned recognition in ABAP reviews.