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Banking and Financial - Packets Advantage


The banking industry is changing at a fast pace. These changes are throwing up fresh challenges like managing complex technological divergence in a converging market. Banks strive to constantly offer more to the existing customer base. To achieve this, they emphasize on more targeted technology investments and high-quality service. To remain competitive, financial institutions will have to renew their commitment to investing in new technology strategically -- to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and boost revenue-generating initiatives.

Taking full note of these challenges, Packets puts together its banking practice to help financial institutions improve enterprise performance, comply with regulatory mandates, boost operational efficiency, and better serve their customers through Packets’ spectrum of solutions and services derived from proven track record of domain expertise.

Among the key IT challenges facing the Financial Services industry today is:
  • Preserving investments in old systems while leveraging new technologies to drive down transactions costs, expand and improve customer service
  • Integrating enterprise wide disparate systems to gain operational efficiencies
  • Substantially reducing time for deployment of new systems
  • Reducing IT costs and obtaining better ROIs for new investments in the long-term
Only a carefully thought out long-term IT strategy backed by execution, implementation and support capability can meet these challenges successfully. Packets has a proven track record in the banking and financial services sector, technology competence and world-class software development facilities.

Banking and Financial - Packets Advantage

Packets understands that the role of information technology today goes beyond being a supportive force in achieving business goals in the financial services sector. It becomes a key driver to new business process thinking and a tool towards building a competitive advantage. Technology has become critical to success.

Packets offers a comprehensive software services portfolio tailored for the Banking and Financial Services industry, complemented with its strong domain knowledge and technology and process capabilities to execute and deliver business solutions.

Packets, with its vertical specialization in the banking and finance industry, offers services for the entire bandwidth of IT needs of retail, corporate and investment banks, as well as unit-trusts, mutual fund companies and stock exchanges. The company provides complete support to the clients during project lifecycles to assess, plan, develop and deploy products, services and workflow processes. Packets’ understanding of the global financial services environment enables it to provide practical, workable cost-effective and flexible solutions to clients all over the world.

With this intention in mind, Packets offers a unique and exclusive Banking and Financial platform, Packets Product, designed and developed to cater to the banking and financial needs of its customers. With Products, Packets has reached new dimension in terms of the banking sector.

Insurance - Packet One Advantage


With emerging issues such as the convergence of reinsurance and capital markets, and the consolidation and globalization of the entire financial services sector, insurance companies are facing new challenges and new opportunities.

In this industry, market forces to restructure, realign business, and to focus more on customer service. It's an environment that challenges companies to secure, manage, and analyze customer information, make better decisions faster, and communicate to customers with greater speed and accuracy. Those with the ability to implement faster and more efficient business processes, meet challenging new regulatory requirements, and enable employees to make better decisions when they're needed most, gain the competitive advantage.

Packet One’ expertise in the area of insurance covers the following areas
  • Life insurance
  • Property and casualty
  • Healthcare
  • Reinsurance
  • Pensions and annuities

Manufacturing, Logistics & Retail - Packet One Advantage

Overview The world is often preoccupied with production of goods. Sometimes the barrier to success for a product or service is its movement from producer to consumer. Packet One has a unique way of approaching the manufacturing and logistics industry.

Packet One strongly recommends that a customized application development will always be the better option for manufacturing and Logistics organizations. It helps companies to improve operational efficiencies, enhance responsiveness and collaborate with trading partners to better serve the end customers. Packet One’ solutions in Manufacturing & Logistics are practical and effective.

Manufacturing & Logistics/ Retail - Service offerings Packet One has a unique way of approaching the manufacturing and logistics industry. The company strongly recommends that a customized application development is the better option for manufacturing and Logistics organizations. Packet One’ practice helps organizations to realize the forecasted goals in a more efficient way. Packet One helps companies to improve operational efficiencies, enhance responsiveness and collaborate with trading partners to better serve the end customers.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Packet One’ supply chain solutions help organizations manage information across the supply chain efficiently, resulting in the optimization of resources, reduced inventory levels, and improved customer service.

Warehouse Management The Warehouse Management systems of the company provide a cost effective warehouse management system with enhanced functionalities and innovative technology usage. With this, companies are given the privilege of tracking the physical movement of inventory using smart tags. This enables organizations to enjoy reduced inventory, reduced labor costs, increased storage capacity, increased inventory accuracy and eventually increased customer service.

Transportation Management System Packet One’ Transportation Management Solutions enable companies to plan, optimize and execute business operations more efficiently. The company helps Third Party Logistics services providers, distributors, and fulfillment companies to gain end-to-end visibility of shipments through online movement monitoring system.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Packet One helps organizations in managing sales activities, marketing programs, Sales force monitoring, sales automation, enhancing support & service functions for several large manufacturers.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Packet One helps manufacturers improve operational efficiencies, through designed solutions that, are tailored to meet the customer’s requirements. The company’s ERP based solutions are built on proven technology, which is time tested, robust and has gained industry wide acceptance.

Healthcare - Packet One Advantage

Overview Indian healthcare industry is under pressure to reduce costs and streamline operations, while providing quality healthcare services and fulfilling stringent regulatory requirements.

Packet One understands this challenge. A pioneer in healthcare information technology, Packet One remains at the forefront to meet those demands and realize new opportunities in the ever-changing healthcare environment. Packet One’ healthcare IT services provide clients with trouble-free access to information, applications, and resources they need - anytime, anywhere.

Healthcare - Service offering Packet One helps healthcare organizations achieve customer service, cost-efficiency, and increased reliability by providing comprehensive IT outsourcing services and healthcare transaction processing.
Packet One establishes capabilities in developing, implementing and managing applications related to specific business areas in the Healthcare industry. That include:

Hospital Management Systems:
  • Financials
  • HRMS
  • Supply Chain
  • Patient Management
  • Medical Records Mgmt. systems
  • Medical Reports systems
  • Lab
  • Pharmacy
  • Blood bank
  • Claims System
  • Policy Administration
  • e-health

Pharmaceuticals - Packet One Advantage

Overview With easy access to medical information on the Internet, increased personal wealth, and longer life expectancy, consumers now have more options than ever for medical treatment. Demand for new products is high, and pharmaceutical companies are under intense pressure to be first to market.

Right from chemical management to drug production to selling the drugs produced, the pharmaceutical industry needs a robust and scalable solution to support them. Utilizing information technology efficiently is a critical component for success in business and gaining the competitive edge. Packet One’ business process and rich technology know-how and experience offer a unique value proposition to the clients.

Pharmaceuticals - Service offerings Packet One’ solutions enable its customers to support faster and more cost-effective innovation, work more efficiently with collaborative partners, and produce and deliver products more effectively. Having a good understanding of the process, we provide unique customized solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry. It spans across:
Packet One establishes capabilities in developing, implementing and managing applications related to specific business areas in the Healthcare industry. That include:
  • Enterprise data integration and management
  • Customer Relationship Management / Sales Force Compensation systems
  • Data Mining - Sales Data and Claims Data management systems
  • Clinical solutions
  • e-Business
  • Data Portals