Test Automation Toolset

Packets The Centerpiece of a Complete Functional Testing Solution

Packets delivers the Test toolset at the center of a complete test automation framework that will enable your testing team to
  • test earlier
  • test more
  • reduce costs
  • speed time-to-market
Test Products integrates the latest methodologies and technologies in one easy-to-use package.

A Framework for Better, Faster Software Testing
Action Testing framework that enables your organization to align software development and testing groups, unite test designers, testers and automation engineers, and integrate your onshore and offshore testing teams

Delivered with Customized, Turnkey Automation Suites
Packets can deliver complete with turnkey test based on your existing test cases, or help you design new tests from the ground up. Tests designed with TestArchitect can be executed manually or automatically, and can be quickly and easily changed to adapt to each new release. In addition, these tests can be designed and executed by any tester who can use a spreadsheet and can be automated by any engineer who knows industry-standard langauges

A Global, Organization-Wide Software Quality Solution

Based on your organizations' unique situation, Packets can provide innovative solutions including:
  • Global Automation, integrating the best of automation and offshore outsourcing
  • Action Testing training, consulting, and coaching for an effective testing framework
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Action Testing Solutions

Action Testing provides a framework upon which to improve your entire test organization for better, faster and more cost-effective software testing. At its core is the keyword-based test methodology that has proven successful in many industries around the world. This methodology can be implemented using our Test Tools test automation tool or through the use of homegrown and/or existing tools.

Let us help you implement Action Testing in your organization to:
  • Increase your return-on-testing-investment
  • Significantly decrease time-to-market
  • Optimize the reusability of tests and test automation
  • Improve test output and coverage
  • Enhance the motivation of your testing staff
  • Increase managerial control over quality and testing
Packets will evaluate the feasibility, benefits and costs of implementing the Action Testing process within your organization, coach your testing team on test design and automation development, integrate your software tools into a keyword-focused environment, train your staff for long-term stability of the process, and ensure visibility and control for management.

Global Automation:

As an executive, it is your job to set the strategic direction for your company to succeed in the marketplace. You need to set strategies for marketing, sales, R&D, finance, IT, human resources, and support services. In a software company, test strategies are as essential to business success as software development strategies.

This will addresses five core questions surrounding testing:
  • Why should you care about and spend money on testing?
  • Why must you treat testing as a strategic effort?
  • Why should testing have its own properly funded budget, separate from development?
  • Why must you have better visibility into quality and testing effectiveness?
  • Why is Global Automation your best-practice solution?
These questions address the elements of quality (customer satisfaction) and money (spending the least amount of money to prevent future loss). The bottom line in business is money (making more and/or spending less). Ultimately, the benefits of effective software testing boil down to increasing your revenue or decreasing your costs, both of which directly impact the bottom line.

What is Global Automation?

Global Automation is the integration of the latest test automation methodologies and technologies with global resource strategies to fully capitalize on the speed, cost advantages, and best practices in automation and global sourcing.

This structured approach is based on a methodology known as Action Testing (ABT), which creates a hierarchical test development model. ABT allows test engineers (domain experts who may not be skilled in coding) to focus on developing executable tests based on action keywords, while automation engineers (highly skilled technically but who may not be good at developing effective tests) focus on developing the low-level scripts that implement the keyword-based actions used by the test experts. The ABT methodology has been proven for over a decade in Europe, and has now gained traction and popularity in the US.

Global Automation seamlessly allows the best utilization of the skill sets of your staff back home as well as offshore staff, in a strategic approach that makes the most effective use of advanced automation and globally distributed organizations.

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