Onshore/Offshore Testing & Test Automation Services

Packets Software Testing Services

Flexible solutions to meet your outsourcing needs

Our software testing outsourcing services are uniquely designed to meet your needs. We don't require you to adapt to our qa testing approach; our approach adapts to you. You can place the highest degree of confidence in our proven test automation tools and methodologies, and in the expert staff who implement them. We'll leave no stone unturned in the search for bugs that could interfere with your software and harm your company's reputation. In fact, you can count on our refined skill and process to catch bugs earlier rather than later, saving you considerable expense.

Packets offers comprehensive onshore and offshore outsourced software testing services including: Whatever your outsourcing needs, Packets can:

  • Augment your existing QA staff
  • Provide a complete outsourced testing solution
  • Deliver expertise as you're building a new product or quality assurance group
  • Design and implement your test automation framework with guaranteed return-on-testing-investment
  • Run load, performance and stress tests for your product today
  • Extend your quality assurance capabilities, specifically in localization development efforts
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Manual Software Testing

Improve your QA with our experienced software testers.

Packets has a software quality lab staffed with highly experienced QA testers. Our testing staff has the capacity and flexibility to provide manual (black box) SQA services which include:
  • Functional
  • Compatibility
  • Localization
  • Regression
We have extensive experience with many types of application, including:
  • Web-applications
  • Embedded software
  • Database products
  • Client/server applications
  • Stand-alone consumer products
  • Educational software
With our flexible staffing models you can have seasoned software testers that require a very short ramp-up time and can begin producing results right away. Whether you need to augment your current staff or you need Packets's qa testers to perform all of the test functions for your organization, we will enable you to increase your qa staff when you need it, and reduce it when your product is ready for release.

Automated Software Testing Solutions

Want to automate more tests?

Build a scalabable, maintainable test automation framework?

Automating as much of the QA effort as possible is key for organizations that want to improve their product quality and time-to-market

LogiGear specialized in developing automated software testing solutions which allow organizations to realize the benefits of automation while avoiding the heavy maintenance burdens which hamper many efforts to automate.

Technology, Methodology and People are Key to Success
Successful automated software testing requires the right technology, methodology, and people. LogiGear can help you build an easy-to-use automated software testing solution through
  • TestDirector framework
  • Action Based Testing™ methodology
  • Global Test Automation for onshore and offshore outsourcing
Scripting Experts Immediately Available!
Packets has experienced engineers on staff and ready to immediately augment your script-based automation efforts using popular tools such as
  • Quick Test Pro - QTP
  • Rational Robot and Functional Tester
  • Custom-built solutions
  • Winrunner©
  • SilkTest©
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Performance, load, and stress

In addition to the necessity of quick development and deployment in today's competitive marketplace, web sites and web applications must also be able to handle the high volume of traffic expected when a product is launched and beyond.

Predicting performance capability is essential to success, yet it's also a daunting task to undertake for any development organization. LogiGear utilizes the latest available tools and expertise to ensure that your organization will meet this critical challenge and be prepared for a successful launch of your system.

A developer in our Load Testing Team will be assigned to manage your project from start to finish. The team will help determine the scope, complexity and size of the load, and the test architecture used for test execution. We will work closely with your team to develop accurate usage scenarios. Our load tests closely simulate the behavior of real-life users by varying the actions and session lengths of simulated users. Most aspects of the load test are completely customizable to meet your specific business needs.

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Black Box Testing

QA testers who understand your unique quality needs

Our software testers undertand that every customer has different quality needs, and that black box testing is critical to any testing effort. Whether your goals include
  • improving product quality
  • decreasing time-to-market
  • or reducing testing costs,
LogiGear can provide a solution that perfectly augments your existing development and QA efforts. LogiGear delivers manual testing solutions through our onshore staff of experienced SQA professionals, our low-cost, well-trained offshore testing experts, or a combination of both.

We have extensive experience with all types of application, including
  • Web-applications
  • Client/server applications
  • Embedded software
  • Database products
  • Stand-alone consumer products
  • Handheld/smartphone software
We have tested applications for a huge range of industries, including
  • Commercial software for business and consumers
  • E-Commerce
  • Banking, financial, and insurance
  • Retail/point-of-sale
  • Edutainment software and hardware
  • Healthcare, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals
  • Media, advertising, and entertainment
  • Manufacturing
  • and more!
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Offshore Software Testing

Packets offshore quality assurance solutions include the right blend of resources and expertise for best results.

Our primary business is software quality
Our people are focused solely on your tests.

Experienced offshore and US engineering staff
Seasoned test engineers and test/project leads in all locations with fully equipped test labs in the US and Asia, for a truly optimized global solution to meet your unique needs.

Today outsourcing is not an option: it's expected
The challenge is to choose the right blend of onshore and offshore services to ensure effective communication, project management and technical expertise.

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