Transportation Services

Transportation Services
Just-in-time and multimodal shipping arrangements demand new levels of efficiency and coordination. Outsourcing to third-party-logistics suppliers creates new, but highly competitive opportunities. And in every facet of both industries, the expectations for customer service are rising. Yet even as business evolves, some things never change: you need to add value while reducing costs. The solution? Cutting-edge logistics solutions in the form of innovative transportation software.

Packets helps you move forward
Packets state-of-the-art transport technologies that include transportation software and innovative hardware, serve every aspect of the transportation industry. From load matching to transportation management software, we are at the vanguard of the transportation industry.

Designed to meet the transportation needs of your carriers, shippers, brokers and logistics professionals, Packets transportation software helps you streamline your operations. This, in turn, helps you increase sales, service freight faster, and lower your operating cost, giving you better bottom line results.
Accelerate your profits
If you’re rolling out Internet-based booking, what’s the best way to minimize channel conflict? If you will be competing in the third-party-logistics provider marketplace, how tightly do you need your systems integrated into a Load Management Center? If you need to track over-goods from multiple locations, how do you ensure cross-system compatibility?

Packets can help shape your approach to give you a competitive edge. In the third-party-logistics arena, Packet-ONE provides specialized logistics solutions which can reengineer legacy applications and link them with new ones to streamline your operations for optimum productivity.

Packets Transportation Logistics solutions provide you the technology that help meet your present and future business challenges. From managing capacity and optimizing utilization of your assets, crew scheduling and dwell times to equipment allocation and predictive maintenance, our logistic solutions enable you to focus on the most important aspects of their operations.

And for the travel industry, the Packets Internet-based booking solution enhances everything from cost/customer to customer loyalty.

Wheels aren't all that transit services, trucking carriers, railroads, and airlines have in common. They also share major challenges such as rising fuel prices, increasing regulations, and aging IT systems.

Packets can help you stay ahead of industry and competitive pressures. Our proven application and business services are boosting efficiency, cutting costs, and driving innovation at many leading transportation organizations.

How so? Our technology and transportation industry experts help maintain legacy applications, integrate disparate systems, and develop new solutions that deliver greater efficiency and first-rate customer experiences. We also have the resources, track record, and skills to help carriers offload non-core business processes and reduce costs by utilizing our scalable global network of onsite, offsite, nearshore, and offshore delivery resources.

Packets‘s innovative solutions put the latest technologies to work for your organization. By implementing real-time reporting technologies such as Web cargo portals and RFID systems, we help freight carriers gain visibility into shipments anytime, anywhere. And for public transit providers, our state-of-the art micropayment smartcard ticketing solutions save costs, reduce fare evasion, increase system reliability, and offer a world-class user experience.

With Packets on board, there’s really no stopping you.