Media & Entertainment Services

The Media industry today is on the threshold of a digital revolution. Media creation, management, distribution – all are being profoundly affected. There are far-reaching implications that touch the very foundations of conventional media and entertainment business models – but it is your choice whether you ride the digital wave, or get swept away by it.

If you choose to adopt a vendor-managed inventory model, how do you ensure that it can scale sufficiently to handle a global distribution network? If you’re moving toward a digital supply chain, where does RFID technology fit into the picture? If you’re an information provider looking to roll out content globally, how do you use digital technology to localize your content for greater marketability?

Packet-ONE can help shape your approach to give you a competitive edge. The Packet-ONE RFID solution can be tailored to your specific needs, present and future. We make vendor-managed-inventory options affordable, manageable and tremendously beneficial. An Packet-ONE content transformation, presentation and delivery solution optimizes the competitive advantages in the digital transformation.