Energy & Utilities Services

Energy & Utilities
Keeping the lights on, keeping the electricity or gas flowing, and doing it all at the right cost, all the time - that's the central challenge for energy and utility companies worldwide.

On top of that, they must contend with Mother Nature’s wrath, volatile fuel costs, growing regulatory burdens, and a rapidly aging workforce.

Packets is a constant and reliable partner throughout the ebbs and flows that face the industry. We use our recognized strengths in project management to help global utilities work more effectively and more collaboratively around the world. We offer access to a deep and talented pool of IT and business process experts – available on demand – to help energy providers manage the peaks and troughs of changing business conditions. And we enlist our nearshore/offshore services to reduce utilities’ expenditures.

By working with Packets, energy providers and utilities are better able to deal with volatility. They can more easily optimize their IT infrastructures, boost labor productivity, improve customer service, free up resources to focus on strategic projects – or all of the above.

We think that puts a whole new spin on the word “utility.”