Life Science Services

The biggest challenge for life sciences firms is keeping the development pipeline filled with new drugs - and keeping that pipeline moving.

They also need to control development costs, while maintaining quality standards. And they’re faced with regulatory mandates that get tougher all the time.

Needed now: solutions that help them boost efficiency, streamline decision-making, and reduce errors. At the same time, as pharmas, biotechs, and other life sciences firms invest more heavily in global R&D strategies, they must increasingly focus on how to make global work work. That means finding ways to ensure that globally distributed staff and facilities operate as efficiently as if they were right next door to each other.

Packets’s business process and IT solutions help life sciences firms speed product development cycles and control costs while improving quality and efficiency. Whether it's about designing Web portals or leveraging collaboration technologies to integrate data and enhance knowledge sharing, deploying program management best practices to manage complex projects that span time zones and cultures, or building Web-based applications to manage submission data and reduce error rates, Packets has the experience, skills, and services to ensure success.

We like to think of it as the right medicine for life sciences firms that have big growth in mind.
Why Partner With Packets?
By working with Packets, life sciences firms can:
  • Gain access to hidden assets
  • Streamline decision making
  • Slash cost and time of development lifecycle
  • Facilitate collaboration among scientists, doctors, and researchers
  • Boost effectiveness of experiment tracking and monitoring
  • Reduce submission errors
  • Lessen post-marketing risk exposure
  • Upgrade infrastructure and integrate systems and applications
  • Increase sales and marketing effectiveness
  • Improve testing processes