Healthcare Services

The healthcare sector is under pressure in more ways than one. Hospitals and clinics are facing pressure to reduce medical errors, hold down costs, and increase efficiency, while advancing patient care. Meanwhile, the aging population is taking its toll on the industry, and demands for more efficient sharing of patient information – and more regulation governing the privacy of that information – continue to increase.

Providing Solutions and Services for Over 10 Years Packets is no stranger to these issues. Fact is, we’ve been helping healthcare organizations tackle them for more than 30 years, and we’ve amassed an array of solutions and skill sets that address the unique business process and IT challenges facing this ever-evolving industry. Our suite of solutions include application services, software products, business process outsourcing, and consulting – all backed by Packets’s deep healthcare industry expertise and recognized excellence in program management.

Our premier Healthcare Information Systems provides software solutions that help healthcare organizations increase efficiency, reduce medical errors, meet regulatory requirements, and improve revenue cycle management.

Packets has an enviable track record of providing Application Services and Business Process Outsourcing solutions that help healthcare organizations reduce costs, improve capacity, and support business model re-alignment for improved performance.

When it comes to dealing with regulations, Packets helps healthcare organizations reach compliance quickly and cost-effectively – and we help them create competitive advantage in the process. Our team of healthcare industry compliance experts and program management specialists can help you meet new regulatory mandates – such as NPI, ICD-10, and others – as they arise.

After all, healthcare providers have a right to feel healthy too.