Packet One VPN / Remote Access Solutions

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) enable organizations to immediately improve their effectiveness and competitiveness. This is done while reducing the costs of connecting remote or branch offices as well as remote users who work from home and need to access company data.

VPNs have made the transition from the realm of test installations supporting a few connected sites and hundreds of remote users to mission-critical deployments with hundreds of sites and thousands of remote users. VPNs enable companies to grow revenue, improve responsiveness and support, and increase customer loyalty. Packet One Technology can help your company put a solution and policy in place that is secure and reliable for your remote users and branch offices.

The primary objective of a Business Resumption Plan is to enable an organization to survive a disaster and to reestablish normal business operations. In order to survive, the organization must assure that critical operations can resume normal processing within a reasonable time frame. Therefore, the goals of the Business Resumption Plan should be to:

Packet One Remote and Mobile Access Solutions

Packet One covers the following VPN / Remote Access

As today's business is not confined to the traditional business hours, access to the networks at all hours and from anywhere in the world is a known necessity. Secure remote connections allow a user to have seamless access to network resources whether they are on the road, at home, or at a client's office. Packet One Technology Group develops access solutions that enables employees to be as productive out of the office as they are in it.

Packet's Remote and Mobile Access solutions provide secure access and management between an internal company network and external remote users, with outstanding support for the full range of devices, including:

Remote Access

We offer co-location services and can replicate your data at a secure remote location.

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