Packet One - Computer Network Setup Solutions

Network Assessment

The Network Assessment Service is a comprehensive review of your network infrastructure. A Network Assessment Team will work with you to determine network availability, fault tolerance and throughput required for smooth functioning of your network. A full on-site network services audit, analysis and report will be completed as part of this service by collecting data using network sniffer and protocol analyzer technologies.

This empowers clients to proactively address network availability, performance, and cost optimization by maximizing network infrastructure and independently resolving problems before they occur.

Our architects will investigate, document, and then make recommendations on potential network enhancements and upgrades. More than 40 percent of companies overbuild but don't realize maximum product performance. Before you buy more bandwidth, make certain that you really need it and that the design you're investing in is a long-term solution.

After a full assessment has been completed, Packet One Technology Group can implement the recommended changes to your network architecture and devices.

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Network Design

Network Design experts have extensive experience in all aspects of enterprise communication technology, from application deployments to protocols. We provide assistance for all phases of design projects, from cost benefit analysis to optimization recommendations for existing infrastructure and additions.

A well-planned network design enables you to build from your initial investment, saving time and money when you move to performance-enhancing technologies in the future.

Network Design Service plans are based on client goals and objectives. Our Network Assessment and Consulting Services will determine your network's load capability and which upgrades are required...

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Network Deployment

Packet One Network Deployment Services offer the option of a single site specialist to an entire turnkey deployment management team that encompasses all aspects of a system design and build scenario.

Maximize your investment. With the combination of best practice installation and expert-led knowledge transfer, Network Deployment Services helps you realize the maximum return on investment that Packet One Technology Group solutions provide. Interactive, personalized knowledge transfer provides customers with an opportunity to learn how to use products optimally, relative to their own environment and objectives.

Network Deployment Services delivers a solid, customized game plan which leverages the power of technology.

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