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Computer Systems Relocations Services

We can handle the toughest network relocation projects.

No one enjoys having to relocate their network. It's a painstaking, detailed process and not recommended for amateurs. Selecting the wrong service provider and switching companies can also be disastrous. Non- or under- performance of one project detail is all it takes for problems to occur. Some of the major issues you need to consider when moving your computer network:
  • Space Planning (servers, workstations, server room, telecom equipment)
  • Mover Procurement & Scheduling (getting bids, selection, service level options, timeline, insurance)
  • Systems Shutdown (lots of planning and executables here)
  • Cabling, Peripherals (deinstalled, labeled, grouped, boxed)
  • Sensitive Equipment Handling (monitors, hard drives, optical equipment & media)Systems Restart
  • System Administration (reconfiguring or re-establish ing network services, user accounts, etc.)
Within each of the above concerns there are dozens, and in some cases, hundreds of details that need handling. Rather than worrying about all of these details, you may want to outsource a job like this to specialists. Packet One Technology Group has developed a highly-organized process for network relocations. We use a combination of best practices and experience to deliver operational continuity for your network and your business.

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