Why India

With the presence of hundreds of software development companies and availability of the best resources at a very low cost, India is fast emerging as a winner in this outsourcing services hype. Being a talent rich country, India has all the infrastructure and facilities to stand apart from the crowd as one of the best offshore destinations to outsource services.

India has one of the fastest growing developing economies today. Being the second largest software exporter in the world, its large business houses and public sector units are growing steadfastly towards raising economic growth. It has attracted favorable international attention thanks to its recent remarkable technical growth as well as its undoubted potential to sustain this performance for years to come.

In recent times, India has capitalized on its large number of highly educated people who are fluent in the English language to become a major exporter of software services, financial services and software engineers. With the Indian way of education that lays great emphasis on higher education and specialization, a talent pool with specialized knowledge in the any field is readily available.

The Software Technology Parks of India offer world-class The Indian software industry has made its mark in the new world economic order and is today enjoying the benefits of world-class infrastructure being created by leading corporate. IT is one of the top five priorities of the Indian government and comprehends the importance of the infrastructure to encourage foreign investment and promote software development in India.